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Game 9.1: An Example

This example does not have strategies that are dominated, or iteratively dominated strategies. There are three strategies: U, M and B for raw player and two strategies: L and R for column player.


Game 9.2: Product differentiation

There are two producers of a hiking boots. Approaching the new season, each firm faces the question of whether to introduce a new product, undertake minor modifications to its existing line, or run a sale. The high quality producer is so named because it introduced a new line of boots the previous season. Since the introduction of new product lines affect future decisions of the firm, the payoffs in the bimatrix should represent the respective value of the firms for a given strategic profile, not just the net profits for next summer.

Game 9.3: Blind date

Meeting a new person in the city poses special challenges, ranging from identification to the logistics of timing. Thus the means of transportation used by each party may play a critical role in forming first impressions which are so important in shaping any future interplay. In this example we suppose that the female can take a taxi or come by the underground, whereas the male has a range of three options including bus, taxi or driving and parking his own car in a nearby garage.

Game 9.4: Bargaining game

Suppose that you are in a negotiation with another party over the allocation of resources. Each of you makes demands regarding the size of the pie. In the event that the demands exceed the total pie, there is an impasse, which is costly.

Game 9.5: Parking meter

The fact that many metropolitan areas employ parking meter patrols strongly suggests that many drivers would not pay parking meters if there were no deterrent effects. In the next example a shopper consider whether or not to feed the meter. At $1.00 an hour she requires 4 eight quarters to complete her 2 hour excursion, and if she does not pay, and the patrol checks her meter within that hour, a fine of $10.00 is levied. The patrol is rewarded on its success in discovering parking violations. An alternative use of the patrol's time would be to spend less time checking meters and more time in the air conditioned patrol car.

Game 9.6: Corporate plans

We consider a problem the company faces as it mulls over possible directions of expansion. In this game reducing staff is a dominated strategy for the accounting department, but whether the department prefers to decentralize or to consolidate depends on where new sales are pitched.: