Comlabgames Module incorporating Extensive, Strategic, Free and  Market Forms









Standalone version


(Click on the link above to download the program. Drag it to desktop from “Downloads”. Once it is on the desktop double click to start the program.

If you doubleclick on a program (clg_standalone.jar) , and your Java application does not start, download jarfix.exe program from Johann N. Lofflmann’s webpage. Just doubleclick on jarfix.exe to restore the .jar association with javaw.exe. Make sure to have the latest version of Java to avoid problems opening the server.


To run  clg_standalone.jar file on a high-DPI display on Windows 10 (if you experience small fonds):

1.      Find javaw.exe you installed

2.      Right click -> Properties

3.      Go to Compatibility tab

4.      Click -> Change high DPI settings

5.      Check Override high DPI scaling behavior

6.      Choose System for scaling performed by:





bullet.gifGeneral Instructions for Designing Games with ComLabGames






bullet.gifExtensive Form Game Instructions  

bullet.gif Strategic Form Games Instructions

bullet.gifInstructions for Designing Auctions



bullet.gif  Examples of Auction Games

 bullet.gif Examples of Trading Games

 bullet.gif Examples of Free Form Games