Comlabgames Module incorporating Extensive, Strategic, Free and  Market Forms






Comlabgames software requires JAVA installation. If you need to install it, go to:


1.      For Windows go to: JDK21-windows and install “64 Installer” (jdk-21_windows-x64_bin.exe)

2.      For macOS go to: JDK21-mac and install one of the “DMG Installers” (depending on your processor)

3.      For Linux go to: JDK21-linux




Standalone version


Right click on the link above to download the program and save it on the desktop. Once it is on the desktop double click to start the program.






bullet.gifGeneral Instructions for Designing Games with ComLabGames






bullet.gifExtensive Form Game Instructions  

bullet.gif Strategic Form Games Instructions

bullet.gifInstructions for Designing Auctions



bullet.gif  Examples of Auction Games

 bullet.gif Examples of Trading Games

 bullet.gif Examples of Free Form Games